Introducing the Possak Hampshire Academy!

It's been a crazy busy few months in Calgary, Okotoks and Lethbridge. On May 28, we put on our 2016 year-end production, "The Children of Lir," and it was smashing success! Huge thank yous to all our dancers, parents and volunteers who helped to make this show happen. Visit our gallery or facebook page for some stunning photos from the show.

In a few weeks, we'll be headed to Orlando with 17 dancers who will all be competing in solos at the 2016 North American Irish Dance Championships. We can't wait to support and cheer all of you on! Best of luck Tierney, Sorcha, Grace, Cassie, Ronan, Noelle, Lauren, Nylagh, Melissa, Emma, Bree, Cara, Claire, Sally, Kennedy and Shannon!

And the most exciting news to report is that, as of June 1, Bhriomhar and Possak have officially become a joint school under the name Possak Hampshire Academy! Many of you are probably curious about what that exactly means. Essentially, while Possak and Hampshire remain separate business with their own class structures, studios and parent associations, we are now registered with CLRG as a joint school for the purposes of competition and performance. This means that all dancers compete under the Possak Hampshire name and have opportunities to dance on teams together and perform together during the dance year. If you would like a bit more information about the history of each school, please feel free to visit our about page.

We're very excited about the opportunities this new partnership affords for all our dancers in Calgary, Okotoks and Lethbridge and we look forward to exciting things ahead.


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