Chronos & Kairos... a few words for our 2016 Worlds Team

In less than two weeks, we have the honour of cheering on our incredibly talented Worlds team at the 2016 World Irish Dance Championships in Glasgow. The hard work is done. From here onward, it's mostly rest, ice, repeat. But you already know how to take care of yourselves physically. So let's talk about the mental side.

In his book, Tranquility, David W. Henderson talks about the nature of time, comparing ordinary moments with extraordinary ones. Here's what he has to say:

"The [Greek] word “chronos,” from which we derive our word "chronological," suggests the steady, paced unfolding of time: one hour, one day, one year, one generation, each followed by the next, none different from the next or the previous. This is ordinary time measured out by the hands of a clock or the grid of a calendar.

"Kairos," on the other hand, is time freighted with significance, moments laden with momentousness. When a writer chooses kairos over chronos, they often wish to speak not just of any moment but of a decisive or crucial one. Used this way, kairos is extraordinary time, amplified time, crossroads time, hinge time."

How many of you feel like you're on the edge of kairos time right now? Because whether you recall or not, medal or not, you know that dancing at the World Championships is going to be one of those defining moments.

How do you cope with that? And what if it's not all you expected or imagined? What then?

Well, you know the answer to this one too. You focus on what you can control (your dancing). You choose to think positively (because you're amazing and you wouldn't have made it to this level if you weren't). You remember that the world won't have ended if you don't have the performance of your life in Glasgow (it won't, really, even if it feels like it). You enjoy the experience (it's not every day that you get to compete at the world level for something).

You own that stage and exude confidence in every step. You show them how strong you are.

It's our honour and pleasure to live out these kairos moments with you. We know you're ready. We taught you your 1-2-3s and knew you would be standing on stage at the Worlds one day. Dare to have as much confidence in yourselves as we already have in you. You've got this.

Let's show them how it's done. :)

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