When the post-majors depression hits...

We get it. It's been a couple weeks since the highs and lows of the Oireachtas and life has settled back into its normal rhythm again. We check our calendars and we know that the next milestone is only a few months away, then another a few months after that. It will go faster than you think.

We've celebrated with a lot of you who exceeded your expectations at this year's Oireachtas, who flat-out crushed your goals and left feeling elated. And we're very proud of you. So don't take this the wrong way... but this post isn't for you.

This post is for everyone else. For those of you who danced your hearts out and didn't get noticed. For those of you who were this close to the recall or to the qualifying spot or to the top 20, top 10, top 5. For those of you who came off stage knowing it wasn't your best. It's not fun. We've all been there. You were all pros about it, of course. You smiled and showed up for awards and cheered on the rest of your team. But we know it wasn't easy.

Talese Fernbach, a sports psychologist and mental performance coach, has this to say on the subject of "bad" results:

"... the term ‘bad’ is a judgment. Judgments, in the field of performance, are considered counterproductive to the mindset and create pressure in the mind. A judgmental mind or judgmental person will stifle their performance by focusing on what they or others think. One cannot perform to their potential while judging themselves and others. It sets their mind in a negative space and disrupts their performance focus... don’t catastrophize and dwell on the situation. When things don’t go as planned, you can re-focus and re-build on your performance by focusing on the strengths and positives of the athlete and their performance."

So let's remember a few things as we move forward:

1. The world is still spinning. Don't misunderstand us, we know disappointment hurts. But don't let it take over. Take the time to be upset, but know where to draw the line. The only way out is forward.

2. Focus on what works. Find 5 things in your dancing that you love. Write them down; look at them every day. Start drilling your new steps, reasses your goals for the rest of the year. Pick a goal and start working towards it.

3. We are always proud of you, no matter what! Don't forget that!

Onward. :)

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