Kelowna, here we come...

Next weekend we have the privledge of cheering on 17 of you as you take the stage at the Western Canadian Regional Oireachtas in Kelowna, BC. You're ready. We don't think we've ever sent a stronger group to an Oireachtas. We have 100% faith in each and every one of you, from our first-timers to our seasoned veterans.

So as you wade through the emotional turmoil of the next week, we wanted to take a moment to share this article with all of you - a few really solid tips on boosting your confidence on competition day. The mental game will be a big factor for many of you in your performances, but your feet know what to do. Trust your abilities, trust your training.

And here are a few quick words for each of you:

Becky: Look at how far you've come! A year ago you were learning your first slow treble jig! Hard work will never let you down. We know how much you love this. Head up, feet crossed, smile!

Grace: Our firecracker, your goal of qualifying for Worlds in 2016 is already achieved! So enjoy the Oireachtas, push your turnout, keep your points strong. So very, very proud of you.

Eryka: You have the posture and poise of a dancer who's competed in a dozen Oireachtasi, never lose that. Knees tight, listen, be the beautiful performer that you are.

Cassie: A fantastic start to the dance year for you and we know it will only get better from here! Find the front of that stage, watch your lines, never apologize for how amazing you are.

Shayne: One of our hardest workers, you have soared this year in your understanding of your technique and poise. Chin up, back foot out, show them that sparkle!

Lauren: A whirlwind 6 months lands you here on stage at your first Oireachtas. It's been a wonderful journey so far! Head high, push your turnout, be strong. You can do this.

Nylagh: The dancer you are today is miles away from where you were last year. Celebrate that progress and take the stage with pride. Long lines, lots of spring. You are a true star, go show them!

Ainsley: Your quiet resolve and determination to achieve your goals has paid off, and now you get to join the Championship levels. Enjoy your first Oireachtas; you've earned it!

Melissa: Your ability to tackle the most complex rhythm sections with ease will always get you noticed. Play to your strengths, be strong, push your lines. We have every confidence in you!

Cora: You have always had a natural grace in your dancing. Show this off, always! You've overcome injury and worked your way back to strength this year; well done. Have a blast!

Paige: What a privledge to see you coming out of your shell this year! Your confidence has increased exponentially in the last several months. Remember to smile and project that confidence on stage!

Emma: No one is harder on you than yourself, and you have high expectations. But you also have the work ethic to back your goals up! Feet out, shoulders back, believe in yourself. You are ready.

Bree: What a difference a year can make! You have truly found your style and we are so thrilled with your work and incredible progress. Knees tight, push the turnout. Deep breath. You've got this.

Reaghan: So lovely to see you embracing your strengths as a dancer! You are powerful, let them see that on stage. Chin up, take it one dance at a time. We are so proud of you.

Claire: Your grace and fluidity on stage are unmatched. Enjoy every minute of your second Oireachtas! Shoulders back, stay up on the toes. Smile!

Cara: Your goals are big ones, but that's a good thing! For so long you've been so close. But this is your breakthrough. Everything is there for the taking. Stay tall, push to the last bar. You are strong.

Kennedy: You've worked your way back from injuries this year and it's wonderful to see your confidence back in full force! You will not be overlooked. Feet out, use your stage. Go get it!

Can't wait to cheer you all on!


Team Bhriomhar

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