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In the spring, we were happy to host registered Dietician and Nutritionist Abby Knox for a workshop on Nutrition for Young Athletes. As we head into the final push before the Western Canadian Oireachtas and our first feis of the 2015-16 dance season next weekend, we think it's a good idea to review a few of the highlights from her presentation. Abby's full notes are included in this year's Training Journal and available for download on the parent/dancer section of our website. And here's a quick overview for you all:

Everyday Nutrition (Training for a Competition):

- Make good breakfast choices and have breakfast every day: wholegrain cereals, wholegrain toast, eggs, milk, berries, bacon.

- Pack a healthy lunch that includes food from all 4 food groups: grains, fruit/veggies, dairy, meat/fish/beans/lentils.

- For dinner, half of your plate should be grains or carbohydrates (whole wheat pasta, brown rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes), a quarter of your plate should be lean proteins (chicken, fish, beef), and a quarter of your plate should be vegetables or salad.

Competition Nutrition at a Feis:

- Eat breakfast on a feis day, no matter how nervous you are! Good choices include oatmeal, toast with eggs and bacon or wholegrain cereal.

- Pack good snacks and lunches to bring with you on a feis day. Examples include: wraps or sandwiches with protein, pizza with low fat toppings, pasta salad, baked potatos with lean beef chili, bagels with peanut butter. Poor lunch choices include hamburgers, hot dogs, fries, doughnuts and pastries - these items take too long to digest and will leave you groggy and unable to dance your best. In other words, avoid that feis concession! ;)

- Post-Competition: enjoy whatever you want! You've earned it!

Best of luck at our first competition of the new dance season next weekend everyone! You're all looking great!


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