80 Days & Counting...

So we finally had a chance to go through your official photographs from North Americans and, man... you guys look good! While not all of your shots are technically perfect, one consistent thing that did stand out for us was the presentation. You all look genuinely happy to be on that stage. Lots of big smiles and SO. MUCH. SASS happening in that Under 16 Mixed Choreography. Well done ladies and gents.

And then we happened to glance at a calendar the other day and oh look, we have an Oireachtas in about 80 days! The ride never stops!

So... we've been back into training for a month now, followed by workshops in Lethbridge and Okotoks and regular classes kicking off in a couple weeks. Now is the time when we nag you all about taking care of yourselves. Ease back into your training over the next couple weeks, don't suddenly kick into high gear and surprise your muscles by doubling your activity level overnight. That's how injuries happen. Be smart!

And be smart mentally as well. There are some truly awesome Oireachtas goals showing up on the goal board right now. We know that you're all capable of achieving them. At the same time, we know that some of those goals downright terrify you. Remember that being a little terrified of a goal is a good thing! It means you're starting to think about the dancer you could be, instead of simply being content with the dancer you are. We're thrilled to support you as you go after those goals. And remember too that if you aim high and work hard and end up falling short of your big, terrifying goal, THAT'S OKAY. That's part of the process. And we are proud to be your teachers / cheering squad - no matter what!

80 days and counting...

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