Off to Providence...

In less than two weeks, we'll be taking the stage at the 2015 North American Championships in Providence, RI. 17 of you will be competing in solo and team events at the second-largest Irish dance competition in the world! We can't wait to cheer you on!

Many of you have big, scary goals for this particular North Americans. We remember mapping out those goals with you back in January, talking about the amount of work you would need to put in to reach them. And for so many of you, the improvement we've seen in just a few short months is nothing short of staggering. As teachers, you don't know how rewarding that is to witness. So no matter what the result, know that we couldn't be more proud of each of you.

It's down to the wire now... take care of yourselves. Rest, hydrate, drill the rough areas in your steps. Visualize. Choose a positive thought.

Do not compare yourselves to other dancers. Do not compare yourselves to other dancers. Do not compare yourselves to other dancers.

This is YOUR slip jig, your hornpipe, your 8 hand, your set, your goal, your performance. You are aiming for a personal best on that stage. Do not make the mistake of comparing that to someone else's personal best.

Emma, Paige, Cora, Terra, Grace, Ainsley, Cael, Shayne, Kennedy, Cara, Kashley, Bree, Nylagh, Cassie, Kaiden, Reaghan and Dana: We love you all! Let's do this!!


Ali, Cait, Kelly and Amy


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