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On Friday, March 20, we'll welcome Brittne, a guest instructor from the Dailey Method Barre Studio in Calgary, to lead us through a workshop at the Okotoks Studio. It will be a great way to de-stress after the madness of St. Patrick's Day and pick up some helpful strength-building tips before Worlds and North Americans. Parents, you are more than welcome to attend as well, the class is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. What is the Dailey Method? Ballet barre fitness has become one of the top workout practices in the world. Jill Dailey ignited the barre fitness boom when she opened The Dailey Method’s first studio in San Francisco in 2000. 57 Studios and 3 continents later, The Dailey Method is still growing and innovating. The Dailey Method’s combination of body toning exercises samples the best aspects of diverse disciplines such as dance, yoga, kinesiology, and pilates. The original Marina studio is still the longest-running barre fitness studio on The West Coast.

What Should I Expect?

Each class begins with high rep movements in a very small range of motion to tone, elongate, and isolate the muscles. Classes focus on the triceps, biceps, shoulders and chest, back, seat, and legs. After working each muscle group, we stretch, to shape and lean out the muscles. While the workout is low impact, it's very challenging and you can definitely expect to feel it the next day!

Please wear comfortable workout gear with SOCKS (if you have a pair with rubber grips on the bottom, those are ideal), and bring a water bottle.

Why is TDM Beneficial for Dancers? Dailey Method routines target every major muscle group in the body! Core, shoulder, back and arm exercises help us to build better posture. Leg and seat exercises target the driving force behind our dance form. Working these muscles in a small range of motion and low-impact setting gives them a break from the demands of dancing, while still working to strengthen and tone.

For more information on the Dailey Method and its benefits, please visit the official website.

Hope to see you all there!

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