Mobility Workshop Notes

At our January Championship Workshop, we were pleased to welcome guest instructor Curt McGorman. Curt is an NSCA-certified trainer who has worked with the Canadian Olympic bobsled and speed skating teams and specializes in mobility and flexibility training. It was a great opportunity for all of you to get advice from a trainer that specializes in international-level sport performance.

For your reference, here's a listing of the stretching and mobility series we did with Curt on that day. Dancers, please remember that each stretch is to be held for 2 full minutes and repeated on both sides where applicable.


- Standing forward bend

- Standing forward bend with one leg forward

- Seated forward bend

Hip Flexors:

- Kneeling lunge with arm raised overhead

- Kneeling lunge with hands down, rotate hip in small circles

- Modification to kneeling lunge - walk hands away from knee

- Modification to kneeling lunge - drop onto elbow, push knee away with free hand

- Deep squats

- Frog stretch

- Modified Pigeon Pose (with back leg bent)

- Full Pigeon Pose (with back leg straight)

- Double Pigeon Pose (shins stacked)


- Stand with back against wall, reach arms overhead and pull elbows down to right angle


- Lie on your side, bend one leg and full back, hold at the ankle

- Kneeling lunge, bend back knee and hold at the ankle


- Use a lacrosse ball to roll out the arches of the feet

- Follow up with a standing hamstring stretch

Happy stretching everyone!

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