Musings on Oireachtas Week...

No one seems to know exactly where this quote comes from. But we really, really like it.

Next weekend, 26 of you will be converging on the Hyatt Regency in Calgary to compete at the Western Canadian Oireachtas and vie for a spot at the 2015 North American or World Championships. You've worked hard, joining us at the studio for extra practices all summer and into the fall. You've trained and practiced and dealt with injuries both annoying and frustrating. And it seems to us that many of you view next weekend as the culmination of all this effort - the big one; the one that counts.

The Oireachtas is a big deal, definitely. Give it your all and don't look back. But remember if you walk away disappointed (or even if you walk away elated) - that this is one day, one competition, one step. Keep in mind the vision of who you want to be as a dancer. Trust the process that takes you there. Remember that no one advances in a rising linear line. Accept the set-backs, cherish the leaps forward and above all, be patient with yourselves.

Grace, Ashlyn, Becky, Sara, Meghan, Lydia, Brienna, Cassie, Shayne, Nylagh, Ainsley, Emma, Kashley, Cora, Melissa, Paige, Bree, Terra, Reaghan, Cael, Dana, Kaiden, Cara, Claire, Kennedy and Rowan: You have earned the right to dance on that stage and you belong there! Go show them how it's done!

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