On Goals...

The walls of my home office are covered in sticky notes. On these sticky notes are numbers, capitals, dates, smiley faces and exclamation marks. I've color-coded them (because I'm cool like that) and each color falls under one huge goal. Something almost unnatainable; something far beyond my current reach; and something downright scary. "Really??? You want to do THAT?" says my little voice of doubt. Yes, I do want to do THAT. And so there they are: those big yellow pieces of paper staring me in the face every time I walk into that room.

A funny thing happened when I wrote them down. They stopped being dreams and started to become reality. Have I reached them yet? Nope. But I see those goals every day, and so what once used to scare me or intimidate me has now worked it's way into my normal everyday life.

When we do things every day we build habits and routines. When we write down our goals and are honest with where we are at, we start to build positive habits to achieve those things we want most. Sometimes, we end up building these habits without even realizing it because we are so focused on moving toward our ulitmate potential.

Maybe it's a trophy in your Slip Jig. Maybe it's a Globe. Whatever is is - WRITE. IT. DOWN. Look at it every single day. Figure out what you can do today that will bring you closer to this goal. Remember that small actions add up in a big way when we do them consistently.

Will this goal take time? Yes. Will you get discouraged? Yes. Will you want to quit? Yes. But here's the good news: everyone who sets out to accomplish big things feels like this. It's the ones who feel the fear and take the jump anyway that end up reaching those goals.

In the words of Nike: "Just do it. Even if you suck at it."

Because one day, you won't. :)

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