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July 8, 2014

We love this photo. 


It's not just because Kaiden looks ten times more stressed out than Kennedy (and it's her recalls we're waiting on, not his!)  Or because it looks like the four of you have formed an impromptu prayer circle in the middle of the feis hall.  It's because it reminds us what the best moments from Montreal and the 2014 North American Championships were all about.


Some of you experienced that little thrill when your number was called for the third round.  Some of you listened quietly while your number was passed over, dealing with the disappointment later. Some of you marched off the stage frustrated, knowing you could have given more.  Some of you had personal bests. 


But all of you showed up at awards and cheered your faces off.  All of you made time in your busy week to support a friend and cheer on a classmate.  We snapped countless photos of you in your new solo costumes, getting ready to hit the stage.  You all looked fantastic.  But our favourites by far are the ones we took after all the action.  When you decided to dance what was quite possibly the worst 6 hand we'd ever seen in the square in Old Montreal.  Or when you stayed up well past midnight waiting to cheer on Grace as she made the top 20 at her first North Americans.  Or that shot that's been circulating involving french fries and noses.  Enough said about that one.


As we head into the summer months and a short break (at least for the next week or so!) we want you to know how proud we are of all of you.  Not just for your brilliant dancing, but for the support  you gave each other.  That's what this is about, after all.



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